How to change the Date format of a date filed in snowflake?

Changing date format in Snowflake is super easy, you can change the date format of a date field by converting it to a string representation using the TO_CHAR() function. The TO_CHAR() function allows you to format the date into a string with the desired format.

Here’s the general syntax:

TO_CHAR(date_column, 'desired_format')


  • date_column is the name of the column containing the date you want to format.
  • 'desired_format' is the format you want to use for the date. This format should follow the standard date format patterns.

Here are some common date format patterns:

  • YYYY-MM-DD: Year, month, and day with dashes (e.g., 2023-07-30).
  • MM/DD/YYYY: Month, day, and year with slashes (e.g., 07/30/2023).
  • DD-MM-YYYY: Day, month, and year with dashes (e.g., 30-07-2023).
  • MM-DD-YYYY: Month, day, and year with dashes (e.g., 07-30-2023).
  • Mon DD, YYYY: Abbreviated month, day with a comma, and year (e.g., Jul 30, 2023).

To apply this in a query, you can do something like this:

SELECT TO_CHAR(your_date_column, 'YYYY-MM-DD') AS formatted_date
FROM your_table;

Replace your_date_column with the actual name of the date column you want to format and your_table with the name of the table containing that column. The query will return the date values in the format specified in the TO_CHAR() function.

Remember that converting dates to strings changes their data type. If you need to use the formatted date for further calculations, it’s often better to keep the date as is and only apply the desired format when displaying the results to the end-users or in reporting.

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