Best Helmets under 3000 rupees in 2023

Searching for the best helmets under 3000 for your bike riding? Now seat relaxed and check our collection for you guys.

In this article post, we are going to guide you to buy one from the best helmets under 3000 rupees that are available in India right now. Before starting our discussion let’s talk about types of helmets.

Different Types of Motorcycle helmets:

These helmets are designed with different features and for different purposes.

  • Full-face helmet:
    This style of helmet offers the greatest degree of protection. It protects the entire head, including the face, with a chin bar and a transparent or tinted visor.
  • Open-face helmet:
    These helmets protect your head but not your face because these are opened from the front with windshield/glass attached.
  • Half helmet:
    Only the top of the head is covered by this helmet. It gives the least covering and protection but greater ventilation and an open feel.
  • Modular helmet/Flip up helmet:
    It has features of a full-face and open-face helmet. You can open the front side by flipping it up when needed.
  • Dual Sport/off-road/dirt/adventure/touring helmet:
    These helmets are of a similar type which has very strong material that provides you the maximum protection and ventilation during any kind of ride but these costs higher than other helmets.

After reading about the different kinds of helmets and what they’re used for, I’m sure you’ve decided on the one you’re going with.

In this article, we are going to discuss the best quality helmet having maximum protection within the budget range of rs. 3000.

You will get the full-face, half-face, open face and modular or flip-up helmet under 3000 rupees in India which we are going to discuss below except the Dual Sport/off-road/dirt/adventure/touring helmet which costs higher.

Lets us begin our ranking with the safest helmet in India.

These are the Best full face helmet in India

The full face helmets are the safest because they cover all the parts of the head from the front, back and top. These helmets are made with a single frame which gives them extra strength during collision or accident and saves the rider even as per the price point these come in the normal to the mid-budget range.

Steelbird SA-2 Full Face Helmet

Stellbird is one of the best helmet brand in India with a large number of followers and a huge community customer base. Steelbird manufactures the safest helmet in India as the Studs brand does and exports it to other countries.

The Steelbird SA-2 helmet comes in 3 different stylish colors with graphics designs so that you have the option to select your favorite color that most accurately reflects both your character and the way you ride. I liked the most Black Grey as my favorite.

The Steelbird is light weight helmet with 1350 Grams even though has high Impact Resistant Thermoplastic shell to maximize collision protection.

The helmet comes with ISI Certification which fulfills the BIS safety criteria ( Bureau of Indian Standards ) and is safe to be purchased.

The helmet has an aerodynamic design for minimizing the opposite air pressure during high-speed rides of bikes. Due to its design and graphics, the helmet gives you a terminator robotic look when you wear that.

The front bottom side is a little stretched down for maximizing chin protection and has Nose Guard for nose protection also it has lots of vents openings for better ventilation of air flow inside the helmet.

It has an anti-fog shield for wintertime clarity and a breath deflector to prevent fogging up the shield.

Also, the inner padding is removable and washable so that you always have a hygienic and fresh environment inside your helmet.

The helmet comes with black vision by default but the company is providing the extra clear transparent glass vision within the box that you can easily swipe as per your requirements.

This is the best helmet for men as well as women can also wear this.

Overall, you can say the Stellbird SA-2 is one of the best helmet in India that comes under 3000 rupees approx.

The brand is also providing the upper version of the Stellbird SA-2 2 in 1 helmet with an attachable neck cover for winter and dust protection that costs you around 4000 rupees in India.


  • ISI certified
  • Fog defogger shield
  • Chin, Nose protector
  • Comes with an extra shield
  • Excellent air ventilation
  • Full face protection


  • None

Steelbird SA-2 Terminator Price

Steelbird SA-2 Terminator at ₹ 3,199
🛒Buy from🛒

Steelbird SA-2 Terminator 2 in 1 at ₹ 4,631
🛒Buy from🛒

Royal Enfield Full Face Helmet

The royal enfield is known for the strongest, most durable, and premium helmets India’s brand.

The brand is always trusted for its bike segment and now focusing on creating good quality helmet with classic designs instead of funky graphic colors for which royal enfield is already renowned in the Indian market.

Royal Enfield’s full-face helmet, with ISI certification, costs less than 3000 rupees and weighs 1300 grams, making it one of the lightest helmet in India.

It has ABS Impact Protection made with High-density material EPS (Expanded PolyStyrene) liner for better impact absorption during any mishappening.

The cabinet is made with Polyester Fabric and soft foam for cushion and is very comfortable. Also, the extra Ear Space and extra headroom with good cushion give protection on Cheeks and chins as well.

Good Ventilation is provided by the helmet thanks to its two intake vents on top, as well as it’s one front and one rear spoiler vent for the exhaust for the airflow.

The Wide Vision Visor is made of optical grade Poly-Carbonate, known for its robustness. This visor has cutting-edge UV treatment and is meticulously hard-coated to resist scratches.

The internal paddings are removable and washable.

To check the best fitting of your helmet kindly check the below image and follow these steps.

Royal Enfield Full Face Helmet price, color and size

ColorSizePrice🛒 Buy Now🛒
Matt BlackXL₹2,700Buy at Amazon
Desert StormXL₹2,565Buy at Amazon
Battle GreenL₹2,700Buy at Amazon

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Vega Bolt Bunny full-face helmet

Vegga manufacture best helmets under 3000

When choosing the best graphic helmets, Vega Bolt Bunny full-face helmet is a top contender under 3000 rupees.

Vega is an esteemed best helmet company, consistently delivering top-notch helmets for numerous years.

Vega’s dedication to quality has made them a household name in the protective headgear industry, trusted by many riders worldwide to safeguard their lives on the road.

The Vega Bolt Bunny full-face helmet is no exception, with its High Impact ABS material shell and Aerodynamic design that ensures maximum protection and comfort.

This helmet is DOT & ISI Certified, which meets the highest safety standards. It also features a Metallic Quick release silent buckle that makes it easy to put on and take off.

The Scratch-resistant and UV-resistant visor made of optical polycarbonate ensures clear vision while riding.

Regarding helmets, ventilation is key – and this helmet has it in spades! With a unique ventilation system designed to keep you cool on even the longest of rides, You can maintain your comfort and focus on the road ahead. No more worrying about overheating or sweating during your ride – this helmet covers you.

With all these features combined, the Vega Bolt Bunny full-face helmet is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a stylish and safe riding experience.

If you’re in the market for a new helmet, you will be satisfied with the Vega Bolt Bunny full-face helmet. Not only is it designed to provide maximum protection and comfort, but it’s also stylish and visually appealing.

The helmet’s aerodynamic design ensures a smooth ride. Additionally, the scratch-resistant and UV-resistant visor made of optical polycarbonate provides clear vision in any condition.

Overall, if you prioritize safety and style when riding your motorcycle or scooter, the Vega Bolt Bunny full-face helmet is worth considering. With its high-quality materials and superior construction, this helmet will give you peace of mind and a comfortable ride every time.

ColorSizePrice🛒Buy link🛒
Glossy Axis GreyL₹2,999.00Buy at Amazon
Glossy Axis GreyXL₹2,999.00Buy at Amazon

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Steelbird SBH-40 Full Face Graphic Helmet

Steelbird manufacture best helmets under 3000

When choosing the right helmet for your safety, the Steelbird SBH-40 Full Face Graphic Helmet is one of the top contenders and has double shield.

The inner shiled is used to protect your eyes from sunlight, the color is black tinted.

This helmet is made with high-quality materials such as Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) and a High Impact Resistant Thermoplastic shell, ensuring maximum protection in an accident. Not only does this helmet provide excellent protection, but it also boasts a lightweight design at just 1380 grams.

The Quick Release Micro Metric Buckle makes it easy to put on and take off while ensuring a secure fit.

The Steelbird SBH-40 is known for being one of the best quality of helmet available at an affordable price of just 2399 rupees.

It’s no wonder why this helmet has become a popular choice among riders who are looking for cheap and best helmets without compromising on safety or style.

Additionally, the helmet has an aerodynamic design that cuts down on wind noise and drags, making it a comfortable option for riding for extended periods of time.

The graphic designs available on the helmet are also eye-catching and stylish, allowing riders to showcase their personality while staying safe on the road.

Investing in a high-quality helmet such as the Steelbird SBH-40 Full Face Graphic Helmet is crucial for any rider’s safety.

With its durable materials, lightweight design, secure buckle system, and stylish graphics at an affordable price point, this helmet is definitely worth considering for your next ride.

Steelbird SBH-40 Full Face Graphic Helmet color, price and size options

Many color optionsL₹2,399Buy from Amazon
Many color optionsM₹2,399Buy from Amazon
Many color optionsXL₹2,399Buy from Amazon

Studds Drifter D1 Full Face Helmet

studds manufacture best helmets under 3000

When choosing a helmet, it’s vital to consider protection and comfort. In India, the Studds Drifter D1 Full Face Helmet for Men and Women stands out as an exceptional choice that fulfills all requirements.

This ISI, DOT, and ECE-certified helmet meets the highest safety standards with a helmet weight of 1450 Grams.

What sets this helmet apart is its high-impact outer shell, offering excellent protection in an accident. Additionally, its UV-resistant paint preserves the color and finish even after prolonged exposure to sunlight.

The helmet’s aerodynamic design enhances its sleek appearance and minimizes wind noise and drag during rides. Its dynamic ventilation system, including chin and top air vents and hot air exhausts, effectively keeps you cool on hot summer days.

The dual visor system ensures clear visibility in any weather condition, while the quick-release chin strap simplifies putting on and removing the helmet.

This helmet is designed to provide the most comfort and safety. This helmet features inner pads made of soft, breathable material to keep you cool and dry during long rides.

The cheek pads are removable, washable, and replaceable for added convenience. As a DOT-certified helmet, it can withstand high impacts without compromising safety.

Whether you’re an experienced rider or a beginner, this helmet caters to anyone seeking a stylish, comfortable, and secure riding experience.

By investing in a top-quality helmet like the Studds Drifter D1, you prioritize your head protection and gain peace of mind while on the road. Don’t delay. Ensure your safety today by acquiring this great helmet that offers exceptional value for its price.

Overall, the Studds Drifter D1 Full Face Helmet for Men and Women is an excellent choice, combining remarkable features with an affordable price tag. It is the best choice for people who want a safe and comfortable helmet.

Studds Drifter D1 Full Face Helmet price, color and size

ColorSizePrice🛒Buy Now🛒
BLACKL₹2,460Buy at amazon
MATT BLACKXL₹2,420Buy at amazon

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Steelbird SBA-2 7Wings full face helmet

The Steelbird SBA-2 7Wings full face helmet is one of the best options to be considered if you are seeking a stylish and comfortable helmet that costs less than 2500 rupees.

This helmet is ISI-certified, guaranteeing that it satisfies the strictest safety requirements.

The polycarbonate outer shell provides superior protection while minimizing the helmet’s weight.

The options of a clear visor and an additional visor provide versatility in various lighting circumstances, while the tinted visor adds a dash of elegance.

The interior of this helmet features sufficient padding to ensure optimal comfort even during extended rides. With its reasonable price and high-quality construction, this is a great buy.

This SBA-2 7Wings full face helmet from Steelbird stands up to the company’s reputation for making high-quality protective headwear in India.

If you want a reliable, stylish helmet from a reputable company, this one should be on your list.

Multiple colors availableM (580mm)₹2,143Buy at Amazon
Multiple colors availableL (600mm)₹2,143Buy at Amazon
Multiple colors availableL₹2,143Buy at Amazon
Multiple colors availableM₹2,143Buy at Amazon

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These are the brands which gives you the best helmets under 3000 rupees like Stellbird, Royal Endfield, Studds, Vega.

Stellbird helmets has the best graphics helmets designs and manufacturs for young age.

Royal Enfield helmets are manufactured with best classic looking helmets design and strong build.

Studds helmets brand is manufactures overall balanced helmets with eye catching design and built.

Vega helmets are known for making funcky designer helmets with good build quality.

Conslusion: If you need a strong build qualid and excellent design go with Stellbird, Studds or Royal Enfiled helmets, for funcky looks preferred going with vega helmets.

Faq’s on Best helmets under 3000

Q1. The best smk helmets under 3000 ?

Ans. We searched lot but found that all the SMK helmets are available above 3000 rupees in India ( ✅Check all SMK helmets Price✅).

Q2. Which is the best helmet under 5000 ?

Ans. The brands like Ignyte, SMK, Steelbrid and Axor provide the best helmets under 5000 (👆 Click on the brand name to see all the helmets ).

Q3. Which is the best helmet under 3000 in India ?

Ans. Steelbird SA-2 Full Face Helmet is one of the best helmet under 3000 in India, the price may change occasionally,Check updated price here✅.

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